Suffer For It

by Psychoclasm

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Suffer For It is our first official single. It's a song about wanting something bad enough that you have to work for it and dedicate everything towards it (You've got to bleed for it, you've got to need it, Suffer For It!)


Every scar and every bead of sweat
Every tattoo saying ‘no regrets’
And when the blood spills you will know
That the only way is to suffer

You’ve gotta bleed for it
You’ve gotta die for it
You’ve gotta need it
Suffer for it!
You wanna be the best?
To rise above the rest
Heart beating through your chest
Suffer for it!

All the hatred that you’ve ever felt
Channel through to the abyss
The church of iron, the god of steel
Alter of pain, the world to real
Every time I look into your eyes,
I can see your anger and despise
Speak to the iron, and will listen
Lay your sick mind to rest.
Suffer for it!


released June 26, 2014



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